X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Product Details:
Type of System
X-Ray Baggage Scanner
Hotels/Corporate Buildings/Airports/Malls
Tunnel Opening Size
W660mm X H510mm,
W507mm X H305mm
Power Consumption
Tube Voltage 150 Kv
Film Safety
ASA/ISO1600 Standard of Film Safety
X Ray Voltage
140 Kv
53.8 dB(A)
Packaging Size
680KG+105KG (Console Desk)

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X-Ray Baggage Scanner Supplier and Service Provider

SKSM Retail Private Limited is a premier supplier and installation service provider in India for baggage scanner machines. We provide these scanning security solutions to airports, railways, government offices, hotels, corporate buildings, malls, schools, factories, and other high-security areas.
The core system consists of an X-ray emitting timer, a Bi-directional scan, a high-density alarm, and continuous zoom-in to screen objects non-invasively. It widely helps in scanning luggage to give modern security solutions and prevent any threats or terrorist attacks.

Using our advanced scanners available in different sizes, security personnel can detect threats like weapons or explosives. The machines are user-friendly, easy to install, safe to use, and produce clear and accurate displays.

Baggage Scanner – Perfect for High-Security Premises

Our baggage X-ray scanning machine allows security and surveillance professionals to view and inspect minute details inside the baggage. It gives an isometric view of the object and thereby, enhances the accuracy of detection and decreases threats.

These security inspection systems are mainly used in bus stations, railway stations, schools, customs, museums, archives offices, prisons, courts, tourist attractions, airports, large-scale exhibitions, docks, and other public settings. Many agencies and authorities use X-ray baggage scanners to identify threats to ensure the safety of travellers and their properties.
With ultra-low X-ray leakage and compact portable design, it is safe and convenient to carry out in all places. Continuous zoom can be used to enlarge images and save them so security officers can evaluate how dense each object is. With an automatic alarm function and error detection maintenance system, user operation becomes more convenient and imperative.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner Installation Service

Since 2009, SKSM Retail has been growing its distribution capabilities in all states of India and assisting clients with installation service and after-sales support. By joining our referral program, you will also get access to training, support, and resources for successful setup and ease of operation.
Our integrated service delivery system ensures world-class X-ray baggage scanner machines and 100% client satisfaction while maintaining a personal touch.

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