Metal Detectors

Product Details:
Type of System
Metal Detectors
Working Frequency
Power Supply
AC100 V-240V, AC85V-264V
Gross Weight
Handheld – 400-500 GM
Doorframe – 55-70 KG
Ingress Protection Degree
Battery Backup
4-8 Hours
Alarm Terms
Sound(vibration) and Light Alarm simultaneously

Other Products

Garrett Superwand Hand-Held Metal Detector Installation Service

SKSM Retail Private Limited is a reliable supplier and installation service provider of Garett Superwand hand-held metal detectors. We offer effective security screening to all areas, including airports, schools, courthouses, special events, and law enforcement.

The exclusive 360º Plus detection field provides uniform sensitivity along with the scan area and pinpoints at the top to detect weapons and other metal objects with high accuracy. Simply, push the one-touch button and red, green, and amber LED lights provide you with real-time operating-mode information.
The ergonomic grip and sleek dimensions make device handling comfortable for prolonged hours of scanning. It provides optimum sensitivity, meaning allows you to detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metal objects.

Handheld Metal Detector – Must-Have Security Equipment

Hand-held metal detectors are commonly used for security screenings in a variety of settings. These devices can help detect metallic objects on a person’s body, including weapons and other prohibited items. Overall, it is an effective and cost-efficient tool for security screening.

It comes equipped with self-calibrating technology which eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments. Elongated security metal detectors provide complete scanning and pinpointing all areas, from head to tea. It is easy to install and convenient to use with a one-touch button and three-color LED lights.

Reach Out to SKSM for Installation and After-Sales Support

If you want to install a metal detector in any public or private setting, you can always rely on SKSM Retail. We are committed to delivering high-quality services, 24/7 customer support, and ease of installation to make your experience worthwhile at all times.

We provide you with robust featured metal detectors that automatically count passengers and emit an audible alarm to alert the operator. Owing to our vast experience and knowledge, we have distribution facilities across all major states of India and provide our customers with exceptional installation service and after-sales support.

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