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RFID Card Reader Installation Service and Support

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless machine used to collect data from RFID tags to identify, categorize, and monitor any assets or objects. RFID technology is used in many industries and applications as it can deliver numerous benefits for organizations.

When deploying an RFID reader, there are many things to handle, such as RFID tag, hardware, software, site survey, workflow analysis, system design, and procurement. SKSM Retail Private Limited will take away all your burden and provide seamless RFID card reader installation and after-sales support.

Each RFID reader for time and attendance management comes with a high-speed embedded processor, audio/voice-based instructions, LED displays, a touch keypad, and tamper detection. It is highly recommended to be installed in schools, hospitals, airports, gyms, lounge areas, banks, corporate offices, government authorities, multinational companies, and other high-security areas.

RFID Reader Installation for Time and Attendance Tracking

The ID card system uses an RFID time attendance system to maintain a computerized database. It can help maintain a daily record of employees’ arrival and departure times and marks their presence. The system records data with accuracy and stores it for years.
RFID devices are connected to an RFID attendance server and even if the network fails temporarily, the attendance can be recorded on the reader. As soon as the network with the attendance server is established, the management gets alters and updates on its own database.

Installation of RFID Readers

SKSM Retail closely keeps track of RFID technology to meet our client’s demands and enable ease of installation for 100% satisfaction. Over the years, we have upgraded our product range and expanded our distribution capabilities across all states of India.

We are committed to offering unmatched customer support and exceptional experience. You can rely on us for RFID card reader installation service and additional support.

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