Hydraulic Bollards

Product Details:
Type of System
Hydraulic Bollards
Stainless Steel/MS
900 mm
Lift/Rise Height
600 mm (Customized 400~900 mm)
Bollard Diameter
273 mm
6 mm (8 mm optical)
System Dynamic Power(w)
3.75 KW/380 V
Rising Time
6s (adjustable)
Dropping Time
1~6s (adjustable)
Working Temperature
25°C ~ 70°C

Other Products

Hydraulic Bollard System Installation Service

A hydraulic bollard system is ideal for the regulation of traffic in certain areas with high vehicle flow such as restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and industrial sites, and more. An automatic retractable bollard is used alone or with a combination of boom barriers to give optimal security from the forceful entry of unauthorized vehicles.

SKSM Retail Private Limited specializes in the installation of hydraulic bollards, owing to their upgraded product range and expanded distribution capabilities across all states of India. Integrated with hydraulic technology for heavy-duty usage and stainless steel cylinder to restrict forceful entry or vehicle-ramming attacks.

We are committed to providing our clients with ease of installation and after-sales support to deliver 100% satisfaction.

Automatic Hydraulic Bollards

The usage of automatic bollards has increased in popularity as a dynamic means of controlling vehicle access to restricted areas. These bollards can be raised or lowered automatically to control the traffic flow as needed. They are mainly used in locations and scenarios where static bollards aren’t a viable option.

Another common use is anywhere a barrier gate is used. Automatic bollards can replace a lift gate, such as at a rail crossing, parking garage, or toll booth to perform functions with additional security. They can help reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, particularly in highly populated areas where cities not only manage vehicle traffic but foot traffic and cyclists as well. For areas where access requirements change frequently, automatic bollards are an amazing choice.

Installing them in front of an access gate gives an additional layer of protection and can eliminate the potential for vehicles to impact gates or guard booths.

Consult SKSM for Hydraulic Bollard Installation

Owing to our in-depth domain experience and expertise, SKSM Retail offers installation services for a range of hydraulic bollards. We put our best resources, tools, and techniques to ensure convenient use, stable operation, high waterproof performance, low failure rate, and easy maintenance.
We install automatic hydraulic bollards in pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, clubs, parking lots, and other areas. A control panel regulates the movement of automatic bollards, which is quite effective in preventing unauthorized access.

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