Flap Swing Barrier

Product Details:
Type of System
Flap-Swing Barrier
Working Temperature
-28 to +60 degree Celsius
Unlock Time
0.2 sec
Working Humidity
5 to 80 %
Barrier Movement
Cabinet Material
SS304 Stainless Steel
LED Indicator
Barrier Material
Dry Contact
Motor Speed
Motor Speed

Flap Barrier Supplier and Installation Service Provider

SKSM Retail Private Limited is a reliable supplier and service provider for swing flap barriers to control entry and exit in industrial units, offices, shopping malls, banks, warehouses, hotels, etc.

A flap barrier is a device for emergency control, allowing an automatic opening of two wings while people can access cards and close them down in a minute. It allows one person to pass through at a time and is often used along with security measures like cameras or card readers.

Our flap swing barrier is well-designed, rustproof, and durable. It consists of identification methods like RFID, face recognition, and fingerprint for accessing authorized people only. Being a leading supplier and service provider, we have come up with a high-performing flap gate for entrance automation to secure inner premises.

Swing Flap Barrier for Entrance Exit

Flap barriers are used to control access to a building or area. It provides a high level of security while still allowing for a steady flow of people. It is relatively low maintenance and there is no need for moving parts that are prone to wear and tear.

They are connected to a card reader so that only authorized people can pass through. This is especially useful in high-security areas such as airports and government buildings. However, one should consider the traffic and physical capability of the visitors before installing flap barriers.

Committed to Quality

We have flap barriers in a variety of styles, from basic to more advanced that include features like automatic closing and locking. They are low-maintenance, customizable, and easy to install. These devices can be easily integrated with RFID technology, controllers, or with other customized applications for better automation and tracking of all entrances and exits.

With a motive to provide quality products and client satisfaction, we maintain long-standing relationships with our clients and pay utmost attention to timely delivery, product reliability, and ease of installation.

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