Traditional time attendance systems have been in use for decades, but they are starting to become a thing of the past. Face recognition time attendance system is able to offer improved accuracy and a higher security level. These benefits can help you to improve your business operations as well as reduce overall costs.

  1. Improved Accuracy

Face recognition is more accurate than fingerprint, which means you can be sure that your employees are actually present when they’re supposed to be. When an employee is not present, this type of time attendance system can still verify their identity as long as there’s a photo of them on file.

  1. Higher Security Level

The second reason to consider a face recognition time attendance system is that it offers a higher level of security than traditional biometrics.

Face recognition technology can be used in conjunction with other forms of biometric identification, such as fingerprinting and iris scanning, to create an even more secure system. The accuracy rate for face recognition technology is 99% compared to only 70% for fingerprint-based systems.

  1. Convenience for Employees

The biggest benefit for employees is that they can now clock in and out of their jobs at any time, anywhere. No more waiting in long lines or punching cards.

With a face recognition time attendance system, you can also eliminate the need to carry badges or remember to take them with you when leaving the office. The system will recognize your face and log you out automatically when you leave work each day–no more forgetting!


If you’re still using a traditional time attendance system, it’s time to consider upgrading. A face recognition time attendance system offers many benefits over traditional systems and will improve your organization in many ways.

Employees are more productive because they can clock in and out without having to bring their card with them. They don’t have to worry about clocking in early or late either because the system automatically detects when an employee arrives at work and records the exact time of arrival. Additionally, there’s no need for employees who work at different locations within your organization to carry around multiple cards – just one face will do!


With a face recognition time attendance system, you can eliminate the need for employees to carry tokens or badges. This will save them time and money as well as improve security at your facility. Face recognition technology has been around for years but only recently has it become affordable enough for small businesses like yours to use on their own. Whether you want to integrate a facial recognition system at your office, or looking for a Garrett Superwand hand-held metal detector for a public place security, you should ensure that you look for and buy only a quality device.

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